I arrived at the end to be what I wanted to be

Tell me with those you go, I'll tell you who you are

It is shown that in order to prepare a good meal with good recipes of our mothers and our grandmothers help us a lot, which explains the first sentence.

While the second sentence is due to what can happen in a person's life: success depends largely on what we learn from our teachers, because teachers are those who in one way or another will affect the course of our life.

Along the way my wife and I have met many people who have given our love for this job.

Barroni Rosana et Fabrizio Gianotti

The owners of the restaurant "The Galione" in Varese and now the owners of the "Villa Baroni" of Lake Varese.

Paolino Bucca

World champion acrobatic pizza, the one who taught me the art of pizza for the attainment of perfection.

Palma Straccini

Chef experimental Rimini (Federico Fellini), born in Abruzzo, a region known for its wine Montepulciano.
His specialties are fresh pasta made by hand and fish dishes.
Many of his recipes can be found on our menu.

Valerio Luca Jore

The pizza chef who introduced me to the world of pizza. It is with him that I made ​​my first pizza.

Amerigo Serfilippi

The owner of the restaurant "L'Opera" and the restaurant "The Harlequin."
You can say aloud that has changed my life, it is thanks to him that we came to Belgium to work Arlecchino in Waterloo.
There has always given great advice, made ​​available its experience, expertise in catering without asking anything in return. Thanks to him we have made great strides in our career!

Leone Coppola

Owner of the pizzeria "La Corettera," "The Sarsema", "Il mangiare e il bere", currently owns the restaurant "Il Vecchio nineteenth century" (800 cutlery) and collaborates with the hotel school in Varese.

Stefano Guerin

Gluten-Free Product Specialist, professor of hotel management school in Bergamo.

Giovanni Mazzocoli

Owner of a restaurant in Rimini Blu Bar (San Giuliano Mare).
His specialty is the homemade ice cream, gourmet Italian championship runner-up.

Thanks to all these people, thanks to their experience we are what we are today

Mario et Lori

We thank them from the bottom of our hearts, because without them our work would not be as good as today.

As for Ciao Pizza, we thank all those who have believed and helped us to complete the work:

Serge Kubla • Amerigo Serfilini • Annie et Jean-Pierre Mesmaeker • La famille Mardaga • Paul Mesmaeker • Vortex International (Claudio Vortice)