to discover all the flavors of Italy
it's essential to come to the table of Ciao!

Following the philosophy of authentic italian cuisine, tastes and aromas of the dishes that the restaurant Ciao! offers awaken the senses.

We work each dish and every pizza with the same method and with the finest ingredients, carefully selected and imported directly from Italy:

• Organic flour created specifically for the pizza by Italian experts in food

• Tomato sauce made only with 100% italian tomatoes

• Mozzarella fior di latte produced from the best cheese producer of the Italian Alps

• Mozzarella di bufala D.O.P. directly from the Naples area

• Extravirgin olive oil

• Italian meat products: Prosciutto di Parma e San Daniele, Ventricina (spicy Salame), Bresaola della Valtellina, Salame Milano, Smoked ham of Tyrol, Bacon e Coppa di Piacenza...